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Since it was first published in 1959, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed increased productivity by reading and using The Management of Time written by James T. McCay.

Today more than ever, time management is a necessity in a changing business environment. Downsizing and takeovers have forced professionals to take on more responsibilities with less time to accomplish them. In order to succeed, you not only have to perform outstandingly ___ but also manage the overwhelming amount of information that crosses your desk.

This classic guide casts aside the superficial time-management techniques other texts espouse. With its unique blend of psychology, spiritualism, and physics, The Management of Time delivers proven techniques for becoming a leader, coping with rapid change, stimulating creative thinking, developing a values system, and empowering yourself as an individual. You will discover:

  • How to create a time investment portfolio that generates maximum yields in both personal growth and work performance
  • Tested techniques for breaking out of deadlocked problems and finding original solutions
  • Tips for creating time-saving word pictures and making the most of your reading time
  • Strategies for fighting boredom by changing your routines and expanding your interests
  • Advice for conserving inner energy by cutting down on criticsm and defensiveness

More relevant and important today then ever, this enormously influential guide will help you maximize your productivity for a more successful and manageable career.


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